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Project Description


This outlandish beast is made from the slightly larger than full size
classical guitar, the dreadnought. The example here is made from black guitars
with white painted pine outers and an Indonesian Maple centre piece. The
customer wanted something different for his business so we embedded the
vinyl and laser cut some lettering around it with a bit of extra bejazzle and
added strings!

Here at Scheme Bespoke we’re hoping that one day an Aesthete asks us to
build them a DREAD from white guitars with white outers and a Zebra wood
centre piece, honestly it will be the most amazing table you have ever seen!
It has all adjustable feet for levelling, 4 bottle holders with drip trays inside and
a stylish finish. All the guitars are bolted together with M8 bolts and the legs
have brackets to maximise strength without compromising beauty!

Optional extras include strings on 1 or more guitars, a glass top, drawers, a
laser cut logo in the centre and photo-luminescence, anything is possible at
Scheme Bespoke!

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About Scheme Bespoke

SCHEME – (SKEEM)n.  A plan of something to be done for the accomplishment of an object.

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