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Project Description


The painting of the outer wood was actually a customers idea that we adopted, he wanted to bring out the colour of the guitars more with black paint and it worked wonderfully! It has all adjustable feet for levelling, 4 bottle holders with drip trays inside and a stylish finish. All the guitars are bolted together with M8 bolts and the legs have brackets to maximise strength without compromising beauty!

Optional extras include strings on 1 or more guitars, a glass top, drawers, a laser cut logo in the centre and photo-luminescence, anything is possible at Scheme Bespoke!

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About Scheme Bespoke

SCHEME – (SKEEM)n.  A plan of something to be done for the accomplishment of an object.

BESPOKE – (BI-SPOKE)adj.  Hand-crafted to order, we’ll bring a smile to your face!